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List of Digital Books for Sale, Available for Sale to Society Members only.

The long awaited "Mexico's Proofs, Essays and Specimens , Volume One", by Joe Arce, is now available for members and non-members. For Information, contact the librarian at Order by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

Members may purchase a download for $15, or a CD for $20. Non-Members are only able to purchase the CD version for $25. Postage is included in the cost.


The listed digital products are on CD or DVD (depending on their size), and in PDF format. A PDF reader will be required to read these files - such as the (free, downloadable) Adobe PDF Reader.

Prices listed are for the products on CD or DVD, postpaid anywhere. Products marked as “Download available” may be downloaded for the indicated price less $5, however broadband internet capability will be required as many of these files are large! A link to the file will be sent upon reciept of payment.

Items marked DVD only or available as DVD's will be mailed to your address of record upon creation of the disk and receipt of payment.

Items marked as Download are provided upon reciept of payment. A link will be provided to allow for your download.


The First Fifty Years of Mexicana 1952-2001 $35 DVD Only
The 6th Decade of Mexicana 2001-2011 $10 DVD Only
The Heitmann Handbook - "Mexico portion" $10 DVD or Download
The Pre-Stamp Postal Markings of Mexico - Yag/Bash (This digital version incorporates the Supplement, which was "cut and pasted" into the book before digitization.) $15 DVD or Download
1895-1899 Mail Transportation Issue–100th Anniversary Edition – 1995 $10.00 DVD or Download
The DeThuin CD by Stuart, Banchik and Stout. A set of digital images of Mexico counterfeits images, captured from a report prepared by James H. Beal for the American Philatelic Society $10.00 DVD Only
The Sunburst Registry Seals of Mexico by Nicholas Follansbee $7.50

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